Silly me

Silly because the beauty of Ison’s items for Vintage fair fooled me into thinking they needed no blogging. What can I add to a perfect shift dress in a print that pairs pistachio and pale pink? Who am I to point out that Ison’s reasonable prices are a godsend for all of us underemployed earthlings? (I didn’t set out to capture this look in a candid shot. Portia had to rest her dogs—her feet, not the gargoyles—after shopping Paperbag’s sale; and I started to think this hunk looks like the guys she’s still too shy to talk to.)

Draped in tomoto’s group gift haori and adorned with a free cigar case from +9, Portia was also lucky enough to pick up an inexpensive Mod pose-set from W.Winx/Flair, one of three available at My Attic. Her demure 60s hairdo is by Wasabi Pills for Fameshed. This hairtone is gorgeous up close, with the merest hints of pink shadowing the white.

Don’t forget that Vintage Fair closes on the 29th!

Credits to creators
ISON – carazon boot -S- (silver) (at Vintage Fair)
ISON – printed shift dress -S- (green) (at Vintage Fair)
{.essences.}Twiggy eyeshadow VF make-up – 05 (at Vintage Fair; ty Inka Mexicola!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie Mesh Hair – Powder [bangs are adjustable] (at Fameshed; ty Ms. Lemon!)
tomoto, haori vintage sukashi (group gift in notices)
+9 cigar case(spine)-female [scripted for texture change] (group gift in notices)
[LWL] Twitter Phone (Gold)
Ricielli, Skull ring gold
^^Swallow^^ Bad Ring Gold & Pink
W.Winx/Flair, Shaken (at My Attic)
pic two Windlight: Strawberry Singh Gold


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