Mostly cheap and easy

My title refers to the lovely items I’m sharing with you today, not to my avatar. The earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai are 10L at The Wash’s Cart Sale. The eye makeup is part of a 70L pack from glow studio at TDR. The eyeliner is the men’s gift from Blackliquid at Vintage Fair. And the pattern-change wristlet is only 88L from Hucci at Collabor88. Everything else cost a small fortune. Nah, I’m kidding. When I first saw the new Skye hairdo from Wasabi Pills for ZombiePopcorn I thought it was kinda weird. Now it is glued to my av’s head; or my eyes are glued to it; or some such state of irreversible fascination has taken hold. It’s quirky-looking but beautifully sculpted, with sinuous lines that suddenly go Ed Grimley. (Now do you believe I’m Canadian?)

This cute shape is called Katy and will soon be released by Lilo Glom for Jesylilo. I don’t often fall hard for faces, but Katy had me at “wear.” She stands before you in a top and skirt I picked up at the current fi*friday for 55L each. The skirt by Kere Milliar for her new line, welldone.atelier, is available in peach and one other colour that has completely escaped what I call my mind. The stunning top by M.Moiselle did not cover the shoulders of any of my shapes until I scaled up to a Large from the usual Small, so keep that in mind if you are a big girl. I think the alpha is too skimpy. (There was no demo out when I was at the venue, so you won’t be able to experiment.)

Credits to creators, with many thanks!
*JeSyLiLO*::Shape::*Katy (coming soon)
-Glam Affair- Leah Light – 12 Red
[ glow ] studio Crazy eyeshadow (blue,yellow,white) (at TDR)
blackLiquid MAKEUP – glam boy liner (night) (gift at Vintage Fair)
::dUTCH tOUCH:: ::MakeUP:: EyeLashes
MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
/Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (at ZombiePopcorn)
M.Moiselle, aztec high roll tee (at fi*friday)
welldone.atelier/ Freedom Skirt / m / white (at fi*friday)
::HH:: Hucci Gianna Wristlet Quilted – Collection (at Collabor88)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Fugen – Sun – Earring (The Wash cart sale)
~*{TBC}*~ Rocking Horse Shoe
pose one: doli, (I forgot to write it down and I am too tired to go back inworld. I will check tomorrow.)
pose two: Miseria, August pose set (at The Deck)
location: solita [of the awesome floor]
Instead of watching the finale of the worst season of True Blood (or any other show that suddenly decides there has to be a worldwide conspiracy), I GIMPed for you.


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