Let’s call it Full

You could say that Fleshtone has released some lovely items for Fall. But then I would have to sigh over the end of summer. Let’s call the season Full instead, shall we? That way I can pretend that Fleshtone’s cherry-python-flavoured blazer isn’t about to be overwhelmed by pine-scented forest greens. Portia’s t-shirt features Snow White’s nemesis from the old Disney film. This is not the Queen in her hideous purple and black costume, but her alter ego, the apple-plying old hag with white hair so long and straight that she looks like a fashionplate. The tee is American Bazaar’s 5L item in the Fairest of Them All hunt. You are looking for a glass slipper. And you will have to cheat, because the store owners hid stuff hard. /me hears the sound of distant cackling. American Bazaar released some lovely and affordable stuffs for Vintage Fair, so I am looking forward to seeing more of their Full wares.

Fleshtone just released a handful of cool leggings in sheer black with opaque geometric patterns. I chose the polka-dotted pair to go with Portia’s suede Beatle boots from Schadenfreude. These are available in a million colours at Vintage Fair, which closes on the 29th of August. Respect to Allegory Malaprop for giving us a black suede option as well as black leather. In RL, I almost always choose suede over leather because it feels stealthier.

Credits to creators, with many thanks
Fleshtone::PythonBlazer [M] – Cherry (NEW)
[AB] MESH Bad Wtich Top S (FOTA item)
ISON, glitch layer from sheer sleeve dress (maroon) (at VF)
Fleshtone :: Sheer Tights [Polka] (NEW)
::Mother Goose’s::.NU(LB) (I love this skin. It’s hilarious)
GATO, 70s Lashes
/Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Golden (at ZombiePopcorn)
:FANATIK: Tyrolia vintage bangles (at VF)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Earring – Pleasantville – Coral & Onyx
Schadenfreude, Black Suede Beatle Boots (female) (at VF)
poses built into Y’s House couch
location: SLOW


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