Pattern recognition

This is me taking a risk with patterns and distracting you from my poor styling skills with a doggie. I finally got a Zooby canine into a pic, but I had to clone a whole back-leg to do it! Many bloggers pose with dogs and do not credit the dog creator. I have been searching for the perfect pet in the last few weeks, and I can recommend these shops as places to buy relatively photogenic companions that will not go into comas because you don’t feed them: Zooby (choice of two sets of animations/interactions), A.I.F. (variety of animations/interactions), Sculpty Creations Animals (limited animation, no interaction), Shop Seu (cats only, limited animation, no interaction). [UPDATE Sweet Distractions does the cute one-pose chihuahua shown in Carolina Sautereau’s 08.31.12 pics.] I bought only a wee cat from A.I.F. It’s adorable but tough to photograph because the sharp detail of the fur and face stands out against one’s fuzzy av and environment. It also falls through the things one wants it to sit on unless one does an extra thing (which I actually haven’t tried, so it may not work at all). Plus, it’s easy to break if you are forgetful and hit Detach instead of Drop. But it’s also easy to restore and did not flinch when I named it Rhubarb. Bonus points for looking cute in its bathtub and making me wish I could read Japanese.

Here you see three of the blushingly beautiful faces of Jung, the latest scrummy release from Sopha Portal for My UglyDorothy. Jung comes in three skintones and eight makeups with a teeth option. You can see all the makeups on Sopha’s Flickr.

Credits to creators with many thanks!
GATO, Knotted Top (NEW)
[AB] Rosa Vintage Skirt Redy XS (Vintage Fair item, let’s hope it’s released soon)
booN ZPO133 hair chocolate
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Jung06(Burly) (NEW)
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Amazing Earring (these were a gift in shop for members of a magazine group the name of which I done forgot)
Leverocci – Stone Encrusted Cuff_MarbleStone
ohmarie, mesh heartring (shop is closed)
ALEIDA, Natalie croco pumps copper (shop is closed)
*Naminoke*KINGYODAMA thingamajig (not available)
pose: Glitterati

Makeup shots, left to right:
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Jung06(Burly)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Jung01(Salmon)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Jung07(Saddle)
[JB] Juicy Box – Mecha Tattoo (NEW on Marketplace)
pose: flowey, baroque revistied (at Collabor88)


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