Just a feeling

Doooon’t hate me! I really thought this Chrysanthe mesh shirt from the Plastik was in store in the usual cornucopia of colors. But it seems this was only a customer appreciation gift. It’s really really nice heh heh. The Den’aina collar is part of a special Lazy Sunday set that includes cuffs and a slave bracelet. It is still available for 75L at this very moment in time. This is definitely a preview of an upcoming full release. While you are at the shop, you can hunt for the SHH gift, which includes something for boys—which I deleted in case it had cooties—and a strapless mesh dress in one of Aikea Rieko’s signature patterns, all muted and classy like. If you go out the window (?) next to the LBs, you are sure to find…several birds. That like acorns.

Credits to creators
:[P]:- Dena’ina Collar [Bare]:// Suntouched Gold (Lazy Sunday item)
:[P]:- Chrysanthe [S]://Safarii (gift, not available)
*BOOM* Miami Linens (Cobalt) -XXS- [already blogged]
“”D!va”” Hair “Yuri3” (Onyx)
[Atomic] Grace Skin (LB)_Buff – Sting Me (was a TDR Exclusive)
[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 Luvulite(grey blue) (FOTA hunt item, 5L)
location: ionic
We all GIMP.


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