Masking sad and sharp

Kex Blackheart of PaperBag is about to retire her second floor of creations, and they are all on sale until she does. She may be killing that inventory now, so you should just TP over there and come back to this post later. *waits patiently* Hi again! So, this week I felt like playing with masks, partly because Spartin Parx offered this awesome Demi.Mouse Mask for free on her Flickr. Check the link below.

On her Flickr post, Ms. Parx tells a sad-but-touching story behind the making of the mask and her decision to give it away for free, which I won’t ruin by retelling it here. Sad mouse is sad.

This beat-that-riverboat-gambler-at-his-own-game Gin Mask is from Shortcake Sugarplum of Lucky #7. If you go to her Pals Meadow outpost, you can also pick up a gift tattoo of musical notes for your av’s calves. No, not your av’s newborn livestock. Oh, well, I can see why you’d be confused at Pals Meadow.

The licking tongue emoticon is the most confusing one. Does it mean I’m turning you on? Or does it mean you are only ironically turned on?

Credits to creators
Mouse masker
Demi.MOUSE MASK: Created By Spartin Parx (TY!)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02 – D (former Collabor88)
Blah. (My Emotional Poop Necklace) Sad/Short (gacha at ZombiePopcorn)
Paperbag. U.N.I.T.Y Peachy Dress (on sale, about to be retired)
booN YNO421 hair black
booN gathered raised hairbase black
mijn.t [Pierrot le Clown] – black tear – (not available)

Rhinestone masker
[ #7 ] gin tattoo mask (TY Shortcake!)
[ #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes (at TGGS)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02 – D (former Colabor88)
PaperBag. Motivation Bodypiece Mono
.:A&M:. Greedy Tongue (old gift)
booN KGI848 hair purple
booN gathered raised hairbase purple
Yummy, Diamond Spray Earring [modded]
N-core ZEN “Striped Black” (Vintage Fair version)
:::Sn@tch Darkness Ring (old gift)

pose prop: Glitterati, Cubed
To GIMP is divine.


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