Not in the least contrary

Mary is the new face from Sopha Portal for My UglyDorothy. She’s fresh and freckled, with subtle eye makeups and a variety of drawn-on lashes. Her lipsticks run the orange-red range and dip into hot pinks. Mary is sold only in a pack containing eight makeups and a base skin, all of which you can peruse on Ms. Portal’s Flickr. Each skin comes in teethy and unteethy versions. The pack also contains the shape you see here, which I really enjoyed wearing. The shape felt so comfy that I demoed a bunch of mesh clothes in it before I realized it was not Portia. (Who looked like a freak when she rematerialized!) The whole pack costs 1,950L, which is the price for two skins in other lines. If you need cleavage, boobies can be bought separately (100L for three tones).

The Mary pack includes brown and black eyebrows for those of you who aren’t feeling blonde now that the summer is kinda sorta verging on winding down. (I am in denial, it’s true. Still eating watermelon. It’s mealy and tastes like nothing. Yum.) I picked up a multi-item group gift from Foppish this week. It’s been out for a while, but I hadn’t seen anyone model this sweet tied shirt, which also comes in a gift strawberry fabric and in many other fabrics available for purchase.

This is Mary in her one dramatic makeup, suitable for an early fall evening of desperate last-minute ice-cream eating on the beach. I noticed this weekend that a lot of bloggers have dusted off Clawtooth’s lovely Bon Voyage hair with its colour-change beret. We must all be covering home ombres gone wrong.

Credits to creators

My UglyDorothy, Mary in the Burly tone (NEW; ty Sopha Portal!)
blonde hair: Dura, Girl21 (Strawberry)
red hair: Clawtooth, Bon Voyage (special 50L Fri shade)
shirt: Foppish (gg in store)
jeans: Maitreya
ring: LaGyo (former Collabor88)
ice cream: LoveSoul gacha
watermelon with pose: Lithium (no longer free)
The faces are not GIMPed, except for the part where the evil line dropped cruelly down my model’s otherwise flawless visage.


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