To bejoomz or not to bejoomz

I have to confess that I’ve been looking into fake boobies. A bunch of ladies have been wearing a new set of falsies by Lola’s. I like the cartoonish look of them, which is straight out of Bill Ward. And I am fascinated by the idea of an “applier.” (What does one apply? Where does one apply it? Why apply? Why “apply”?) When I demo’d some Lola’s—the name of the shop doubles for the product so that no one has to say “implants”—I couldn’t get over the disparity between the detailed skin my av was wearing and the flat colour on the funbags. I realized that I could only use this product for photo shoots, and then only if I GIMPed the bejeezus out of the pics. I could see myself becoming a harried purveyor of something I hereby officially copyright as “bejoomz.” I’d be asked to invent a bejoomzing app—which would be an instant success with tweens and grad students—and I’d end up hiring younger bloggers to run Pleisure (as unpaid interns) while I devoted all my time to coming up with a new idea. That kind of pressure I do not need.

I was surprised how difficult it was to discover the locations of other rumoured big jugs creators, whom I hadn’t expected to be shy about advertising. I was able to demo a set of lactating falsies from Mused on Marketplace. I have to say that I would love to be turned on by this particular fetish, because Mused’s variety of nipple styles and piercings, and the portable extraction apparatus itself, are visually very amusing. Again, I was discouraged by the “unnatural” look of the jigglers themselves, and I could not get a decent skin tone out of the HUD. (One can input RGB values. But this has never worked for me. The numbers under my cursor never translate into anything other than blue or green flesh.) More disconcerting still, the Mused demo attached a breastswidth higher than my av’s “real” knockers. The sight of all four of them at once made me a little dizzy, suggesting that a pair of bübs is one of humankind’s most important spatial cues. As of now, I think I will stick with an exaggerated basic av when I want Portia to play Chesty Capelo. The assets she displays in this new VIP group gift dress from Meghindo’s are distracting enough for me. A holstein tattoo isn’t going to make me stare any harder.

Credits to creators
{Meghindo’s} ~ Mariah ~ Gold strapless mini with mesh skirt (part of VIP gg; fee to join)
Magika [Hair S] Tendency (NEW and extra fluffy) [mesh: comes in S, M and L sizes in one pack!]
[ glow ] studio – Heavy Spikes Necklace (gold) (at TDR)
Pic one
Image: Marcopol Oh
skin: {Meghindo’s} ~ Mariah ~ Natural Big Cleavage ~ Ebony tone (all seven tones included in VIP gg)
location: La Penderie de Nicole
Pic two
skin: The Skinnery, Byuri-Bare face(brownie) DB CL3
location: Mons

GIMPed. And pimped.


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