The less Ls lounge

In the R to the L, I hate expensive clothes. They make me nervous. Since I had such a tough time this week getting some classy expensive looks together, I thought I’d try something casual and cheap. Apart from her hair, everything Anorak wears in this pic was 5L, 1L or free. Saving Ls has left us feeling so satisfied that Twinkies cannot tempt us. [Says the woman eating blue corn chips and chai for breakfast.-editor] If you want to look sugar-proof, head off to the new store full of freebies, Beginners Luck. And do the Fairest of Them All hunt, which is still on until the 15th.

Credits to creators
:[P]:-Ambrice Corset-S-Ruffle-Patchwork/Brown (part of September dollarbie gift box)
::C’est la vie !:: Hoodie cape(black*check)mesh-M/L (FOTA hunt, 5L)
Le Poppycock *Leggings* Briar Rose 1 (FOTA hunt, 5L)
[theSkinnery]Fairy dust skin(milk) for FOTAhunt2012 (FOTA hunt, 5L)
*.amato.* sneaks (subo gift at Beginners Luck)
**JPK Bracelet (free at Beginners Luck)
**JPK Bag of twinkies (free at Beginners Luck)
(*.amato.* eyes Marron_S (free upstairs at Beginners Luck)
.: vive9 :. Charlie in Lola (retired)
chair with pose: Chronokit
location: mijn bötique
GIMPed more than you’d think.


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