Submerge again

Lately, I have been haunting mijn.bötique, where I picked up this awesomely slouchy belted coat for a song. Creator Mijn Seoung has been turning out very desirable shoes, clothing and other accessories in everyone’s favourite colour, black. This week, she set out an open gift of cool platform clogs in purple-blue suede with a dark fuchsia sock. There’s a cross punched into each heel. This is for stick insects that need to get past your feet in a hurry.

This set, which is a reconstruction of Temple House by Uno Tomoaki, is free on Marketplace. William Weaver, aka Paperwork Resident, made a handful of builds, all of which are lovely but far too large for non-landowners to rez. This build, number 004, is the only one proven to calm the objections of sandbox overseers. I can never get a witness when asinine avs go griefing on Friday nights. But if I rez a giant 3-D rep of an Edward Hopper painting—one of the other Paperworks builds—the overseers come out of the etherwork.

Credits to creators
mijn.botique shoes *get that SXXXT boots* (open gift)
mijn.botique cloth *fancy coat* black fur M (v2)
Likka House, D-arch Angel catsuit (Twisted Hunt gift female)
al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed (September group gift)
poses: Focus Poses and Doli, I think


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