Anorak and the art

The new round at The Gallery Gift Shop sees Chiana0 join the stable of artists. She’s showing a number of works featuring the COCO doll so popular with SL’s fashion fantasists. Anorak’s top is also available at TGGS from NuDoLu. If you’re a collector, you may opt to buy the version with a Matriochka print instead of the heart. This heart illustration strikes the perfect tone. I don’t like it when they’re too lovey-dovey or too freshly yanked from someone’s chest.

I am excited to be featuring a preview of the Salmon tone of the upcoming Joo skin from My UglyDorothy. I chose this makeup for a lazy day looking at pictures. It’s the only one with a rosy nose. Who needs foundation when you’ve got art?

This makeup is perfect for night-time. I love the metallic eye-shadow. Another makeup in the Joo pack features a similar treatment, only in pink. The cleavage shown here can be purchased separately: the 100L pack includes three tones in two versions for each tone. Anorak’s tattoo is from Lucky #7 and is also available at TGGS. There’s a version for the lower back. (Don’t wear both at once. Your lover won’t know which side of you to play. First.) If you visit the #7 stand in Pals Meadow, you can pick up a gift that tattoos musical notes on the backs of your av’s calves.

Look one
photographs by Chiana0 for sale at TGGS
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Joo07(Salmon) (COMING SOON! ty Sopha!)
:NuDoLu: Pull des couleurs Mon coeur – S (at TGGS; ty Neuilles!)
*COCO*_SleevelessBlouse(Black) collar
*LpD* – *Paris* Dress All Black (Skirt – MESH) Size M (ty Nevery!)
MiWardrobe – Tangle Bracelet – Black Mix (group gift in store)
[kik]hair-Gisele 1(brown1)
[Sleepy Eddy] Gacha hat (Black-a) [old gacha]
pose by marukin

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY Joo06(Salmon)(COMING SOON! ty Sopha!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cleaves tattoo2(Salmon) (sold separately)
[ # 7 ] Touch Me, Play Me, but don’t violate. chest (at TGGS; ty Shortcake!)
tram B921 hair / beige (size40) for FLF
*LpD* – *Paris* Dress All White (comes with a big stole) (ty Nevery!)
LaGyo_Mistero earrings
MiWardrobe – Tangle Bracelet – Black Mix (group gift in store)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
flowey. classic cigarette (comes with Bad Habit pose)

I GIMPed. Please demo skins before buying! And never ever smoke in RL! And eat your…macarons before they get stale.


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