Even hamsters hate Monday

“Monday already?” I am not a huge advocate of cuteness in any life. I could be reincarnated as a bichon frise and still be cute-suspicious. But I had to know if these hamster avs were as fun as the bunnies Beetlebones did for a previous gacha event. I was lucky to get a hammie with the distinctive fawn markings on my first play. Photos don’t do justice to these critters, which are a hoot and a half when the AO kicks in. Thanks to Suetabulous Yootz’s lovely sense of humour, the grid is shaking with giggles. If you haven’t got your hamster and you don’t want to submit to the random gacha, check out some of these locations where people are selling their extras for the vendor price of 100L: Coeur gacha sales, Sassafrass gacha sales, and the best one right now, which is just outside the Balaclava mainstore. These sales tables are not permanent, so don’t be too disappointed if you land in a meadow of nada.

“I can’t take another week on that goldarn wheel.” This pic looks much weirder than I planned. I was using the Adult version of the new Morning Light Cupboard Beds from Cory Edo at Trompe L’Oeil. I got a little flustered clicking through all the sexy poses. The hamsters have no naughty bits, so there is nothing even remotely pervy about this pic. (Except perhaps its demonstration of the absence of said bits.) You may want to stick with the PG version when you play with your own furry friend. Or you’ll end up playing with your other furry friend.

Credits to creators
Beetlebones, Fawn Hamster (The Arcade Gacha)
Trompe L’Oeil, Morning Light Cupboard Beds White Peony (new; at Fair; ty Cory Edo!)


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