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Don’t go all Golem with your gachas. When last we saw Anorak, she was suffering from the rare gacha blues. Surveying her loot for the nth time, she realized what was getting her down. The vegetables. The vegetables in BCC’s rare prize. Who wants vegetables when macarons are available?! Immediately she returned, after a hundred attempts, to gacha central and got herself some pistachio macarons. Anorak’s story would have ended here if it weren’t for my dedication to this blog. You see, I was a macaron virgin. I couldn’t describe Anorak’s ecstacy because I had no idea what these expensive little nasties taste like. I give them a 7. (They ain’t chocolate.) Scores are inflated in SL, so Anorak gives them an 8.5 with two gold stars and a deer.

Like most young avs, Anorak believed their love of gacha made them friends for life. The pelican wasn’t so sure. Today’s post is as full of newness as it is of gacha wins. Please adore the new Cloud ensemble from LpD, which combines a soft skirt with a structured vest over a greige bodysuit. It’s available in pink, blue and beige tones. And it will make you feel like a Monet. Only less well insured. Please admire Anorak’s bohmeian Zola earrings by Zibska, which are colour change and resizable by menu. The little beads will tickle your av’s shoulders. Finally, please approve of the pert new pigtails from Wasabi Pills, which are available at Chic’s new FAIR event.

Credits to creators (Giant thank yous, everyone!)
Not gacha
/Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Gingerbread and Deep Ocean (resizeable!) (NEW; at Fair)
*LpD* – *Cloud* Pink Tones (Mesh) (NEW)
Zibska, Salome ~ Earrings (NEW)
!gO!, stocking beige 2 (stockings in first photo are no longer available)
MONS / DualColor eyes – sky (at Zodiac)
bed: Trompe Loeil, Morning Light Cupboard Beds Freesia (NEW; at Fair)
pose: evolve, from the Low pack (from Vintage Fair)
Arcade gachas
: ) BCC. [Milk] Heim 05
: ) BCC macaron Paper bag Pistachio
Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck Purple
Shakeup! Vintage Ring [11]
Ingenue :: Ariane Cherry rare

pic two location: The Aracde Gacha (awesome build!)
GIMPed not pimped.


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