Her brilliant career

Recently, a creator whose work I featured for a year unceremoniously dumped some members of her blogggers group with the sole explanation being “Basically I do shapes.” (Well, anyone who didn’t know that deserved to be ejected.) It started me wondering whether I should quit blogging. Then it started me worrying about what Portia would do if she lost this job. What kind of work awaits an ex-blog-model? I am quite confident that Portia could qualify as a build inspector. Blog models have a lot of experience with scenic aesthetics. Around this time of year especially, someone has to go in and make sure nothing extraneous ruins minimalist builds like William Weaver’s austere 004. Portia would make short work of any elaborate webs, animated arachnids and giant spiders having nonconsensual sex with women trapped in their webs. (She might need to test out that last one, but just to make sure she deactivated all the moving parts.) Portia’s incredible mask—which comprises green-lightbeam goggles and a separate protective cage—is the Twisted Hunt gift from Grim Bros. The hunt ends tomorrow, and you know what that means. Time to open up Firestorm and cheat with Area Search. Don’t be confused by any boxes not set for sale. Those are decoys. They are designed to foil cheaters like Portia. They didn’t work. She is, after all, looking forward to a career as a licensed build inspector.

Portia’s poses are fresh from The Muse. Editorial A is a pack of elegant and expressive stances with just the right combination of tension and delicacy.

Portia’s slinky outfit is the latest group gift from Applonia Criss at Chantkare. The skirt is mesh. And there’s a ribbon collar that Portia couldn’t wear to work. Spiders laugh at ribbon collars. And not in a sexy way.

Credits to creators
[HANDverk]Rock Knuckle Duster.black/silver (NEW; at Limited Bazaar)
al vulo- Livia * grease blonde brow claveage fairy (NEW; at Limited Bazaar)
Grim Bros., NACHTSICHT mask (Twisted Hunt gift)
: Amorous : Die Schlacht (Earrings) [part of a set]
booN MKT012 hair platinum
booN gathered raised hairbase platinum
HOC Industries – Thigh Boots (Extra Small)
poses: The Muse Poses, Editorial A (ty Audrey Cresci!)
build: William Weaver, Build 004 (free on Marketplace) [Download the Windlight used in the pictures at 


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