The Swag Fest begins October 1st. This is your opportunity to pick up Jesylilo’s newest skin, Gabriela. Like Lilo Glom’s other creations, Gabriela has many moods. In this post, I’m showing you makeups to suit downtown and uptown. If you want your av to look like she’s just been sideswiped by the lag monster—who is notorious for riding a banana-seat bike with slowly leaking tires—you can spend 10L to add a tattoo of minor facial abrasions. Black brows, a number of lipsticks and a teeth tat are also included in the pack. Gabriela comes in freckled and unfreckled, cleavaged and uncleavaged versions. The Gabriela shape is tall and slim-nosed. Unlike dumpy Anorak, my cute model, who likes to intimidate the lag monster with her 2001 Honda.

BOOM just released a wide array of mesh Twenty-three Tees. There are plain colours, travel destinations, a couple of skulls, and a black tee that reads “fetish.” Take note of Anorak’s awesome AURA bag, which is on sale this week at the Rummage Sale on Atomic Island. The Bogo bag is a former group gift fashioned out of hemp and finished with a colourful decal. (Okay, I made up the hemp part. And obviously the lag monster doesn’t ride a bike. He prefers to shamble.)

Zib Scaggs of Zibska just released some wonderful colour-change jewellery. These include Delve, Anorak’s downtown loops-and-chains (in the first two photos), and the earrings and necklace that take her uptown. The Marielle Collar is sold separately from the earrings, which actually come with a lovely long necklace that Anorak would have worn if it hadn’t obscured her cleavage. Priorities, right?

Credits (thank you fabulous creators!!)
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gabriela:::*LightSkin*J5*BT (Flex) (NEW; at Swag Fest October 1st)
*BOOM* Twenty-Three Tee (XS) Berlin (NEW)
Zibska, Delve Earrings (NEW)
-dDx- Nae (Deep Red)
~silentparrow!~ Fenris Leather Cuffs (50L Fri item and awesome)
[Aura] Spirited – Bogo Bag
Maitreya Flare Jeans (for flats) * M #6
marukin pose

*JeSyLiLO*:::Gabriela:::*LightSkin*J6*BT (Flex) (NEW; at Swag Fest October 1st)
Plastik, Mechanika[XXS]://Ancient Cirque (not available in this fabric but in many others!)
Zibska Marielle Collar (NEW)
Zibska, Marielle Jewelry Set (NEW; only earrings shown)
[e], Rumor Black 04 (Essentials pack)

I used Glitterati, Headshot 3 for the closeups.
location: Balaclava shop


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