Neither batty nor koi

It doesn’t matter what life I’m living, I end up with lots of new bottoms and very few new tops. So I was chuffed to discover that Ricielli’s Blake jacket—which is a 15L Halloween “hunt” item—looks adorable worn two sizes too big with the Fluffy Dawn mini from The Secret Store. Did you know that this skirt pictures sun-tinged clouds banked above the sea? I love the idea of an image masquerading as simple bands of colour. Anorak also wears some stunning new jewellery from Fleshtone—my favourite SL cuff-maker. The cuffs and coordinating earrings are available in variations on Onyx and Gold and Onyx and Silver.

Anorak looks a little demented, in a good way, in her dollarbie skin from My UglyDorothy. I took the opportunity offered by the very pale eyebrows to add one of the kooky items Miss Shippe’s Studio has released for Halloween. These are called the Way Beyond Waxing Brows. (It’s funnier when her vendor says it.)

Credits to creators
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Special 1L skin2
*MSS* Way Beyond Waxing Brows
Fleshtone :: Narsha Vanity Cuff [Onyx/Gold] (NEW; ty Stevenz. and Gisele!)
Fleshtone :: Narsha Vanity Earrings [Onyx] (NEW; ty Stevenz. and Gisele!)
R.icielli – BLAKE Mesh Jacket / Black L (15L gift; find the ginormous pumpkin in the mesh store)
The Secret Store – Mini – Fluffy Dawn – XXS
fri. – Basic.Turtleneck (Salmon)
mijn.botique shoes *get that SXXXT boots* (gift)
[North West] Ruba Tights B (purple)
>TRUTH< Demi – pumpkinpie
flowey. classic cigarette [comes with Bad Habit pose set]
location: SLOW


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