Tiger by the tail

I faint at the sight of orange and purple combined with black. This makes me feel not festive. So every Halloween, I have to wrestle my eye into (temporary) submission to the combo of black with either orange or purple. Today I’m featuring free or cheap orange items from The Plastik and Ho Wear. Portia’s Dusk Heels are a cheap gacha item from the Depraved Nation gacha festival. (There are many other colours and patterns to win.) Portia’s corset is a gorgeous shiny version of Aikea Rieko’s Cataclysm corset. It’s part of a dollarbie (or was it the gift?) available at The Plastik booth at Depraved Nation. You should also visit the main store and join the group to hit up the gift giver and apple bobber. Many prizes are candy, but some are Halluwin items from seasons past. Portia’s hat is part of a free Mystic of Dread avatar from Ho Wear. There are actually four free outfits available at HeidiHo Huet’s Halloween shop. If you can’t handle an orange gown with purple accents, you can buy the ensemble in other colours.

Credits to creators
:[P]:-CataclysmCorset://M-Mayan (Sp.Ed.) (gift or dollarbie at Depraved Nation booth)
:[P]:-Dusk Heel-Hallow (Depraved Nation gacha; caution—the foot tinting HUD is very basic)
:Ho Wear, Mystic of Dread hat (part of a free avatar at the Halloween outlet)
:: PM :: Jules Gown in Orange Top
[HANDverk]Rock Knuckle Duster.black/gold
[LeLutka]-LIVELY hair M – PralineFade
ITGIRLS – Chloe Pale – B/B
Glitterati, Cubed


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