Monster mash-up

Portia’s got it together. I, on the other hand, am shaking sand out of my brain and coughing up er balls. So let me just say how grateful I am that people with more skills—both motor and imaginative—let me play with their creations.

Portia’s collar is part of Passion, one of Aliza Karu’s extravagant new Avenue anniversary gowns, which you can see in full in Lib Descent’s stunning photo. Her hair flower is new from Pididdle at My Attic. It’s resizable, but I didn’t blow it up too big lest you think I’m showing off. Or something. Portia’s shiny leather skirt is new from Fleshtone. It comes in black, blue and mustard as well as red.

Credits to creators
[AD] Passion (NEW at Avenue Cinque event for two more weeks; ty Aliza!)
Fleshtone::HyunaLeatherSkirt[S] Red (NEW; ty StevenZ and Gisele!)
Acid and Mala. Bone Corset (part of outfit)
[Miseria] Batty Corset – Blood (NEW at Cinema; ty Athena!
PIDIDDLE – Ceramic Flower Headpiece – Rose. (NEW at My Attic; ty Brutus!)
booN KGI848 hair black
booN gathered raised hairbase black
Fleshtone :: Narsha Vanity Cuff [Onyx]
La Malvada Mujer- Claws
MG – Ring – Ramona 77 (@ Collabor88)
*GF* Halloween Bat Tights (awesome part of Halloween gift)
{Zeery} Inspirations: :: Verta-Break Heels::
-Glam Affair- Roza – The Arcade Gacha Events 08
Lovely Mi – Pagliacci Full
Cheap Makeup- Strong eyebrows
– DAMNED – GreenDream3 Tattoo Fresh (old hunt gift)


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