Ghouls rule

Rumour has it that his girlfriend’s kinky sex games keep the Great Pumpkin running late. I had so much fun concocting Halloween looks that I left myself nothing for tricks and treating. This meant much rummaging in the attic. Lucky for me, MIASNOW sent out a subo gift called Truth: a naked av with a funny shape and soft black skin. Truth’s mask is a gacha item from Fallen Gods. There are masks representing the seven deadly sins. No need to explain which sin this represents. Last but not least, Truth wears the Queen Katana gown by Lucia Genesis of WEG. It’s her feather-skirted contribution to the current rotation at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Credits to creators
:::WEG::: Queen KATANA (at TGGS; ty Lucia Genesis!)
(5th&Oxford) Leather Gloves – L *black*
MIASNOW Shape – TRUTH and MIASNOW Skin – TRUTH red lips (subo gift; also includes a male shape and skin)
Fallen Gods Inc. +LUXURIA~ Priapus Mask
REDGRAVE- Shoes LILLY – 3colors (NEW and discounted)
+:+WTG+:+ **Refinement** set (old hunt gift)
booN KGI848 hair chocolate
booN gathered raised hairbase chocolate
Purple Moon, Black Velvet Pumpkins (on Marketplace)
GLITTERATI – Skull – M 4 (VIP gift; also a female set)
Sn@tch, Dark Photobox
GIMPed for your pleisure.


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