Stylish trespass

I mentioned last week that I’ve been reading Angela Carter’s collection of feminist fairy tales, The Bloody Chamber. When it came time to blog the lovely Eleonora ensemble by World’s End Garden for The Gallery Gift Shop, I couldn’t help thinking of the many stories that begin with an invitation to enter a seemingly deserted mansion or castle. It’s a very bad idea to accept the invitation, even if one is hungry and tired and can’t get one’s car out of a ditch. And yet not one of Carter’s protagonists pulls out her iPhone and says “Yeah, no, there’s no fuc*ing way I’m going in there. I mean, ew! There has to be a Starbucks close by.” By entering the mansion, each damsel dooms herself to be forever transformed and, sometimes, happily enslaved. (A cute guy falls victim to a loathsome vampire with bad housekeeping habits, but it is she who is transformed by the encounter.)

I found this shockingly unnatural bondage horse when I teleported to World’s End Garden. I couldn’t resist playing. I’m very aware that today’s images of bondage seem to contradict yesterday’s post about ending violence against women. Although my experience with bondage is limited, I have to say that I appreciate the way it can theatricalize the power imbalance between men and women. This theatricalization makes it impossible to pretend that the imbalance, which is an unavoidable socio-political fact, does not colour the relationship. Carter’s introduction to The Sadeian Woman makes this point with the kind of feminist fire that has me yearning for the late 1970s. Oh bondage up yours.

I suddenly had a longing for the Belle Epoque, so I paired the mesh Eleonora corset with a long straight skirt by GOK. There are three corset colours to choose from: blue, purple and black.

It’s hard to believe that this is my 901st post on Pleisure. I tallied up the number of days I’ve devoted to this hobby, and although the total of 76 is astonishing, it’s much lower than the number I’ve wasted watching TV.

Credits to creators
:::WEG::: Eleonora [with mesh corset] (at TGGS; ty Lucia Genesis!)
:[Plastik]:- Draziirah [Aleria]:// Lazy Sundays- BETA with Draziirah Ear:// and Haunt-eyes Magic Floods Out of my Soul (past Lazy Sunday item; Aikea Reiko will release the skin some time in the future)
[ #7 ] D I S C O V E R Y gold digger individual primlashes (at TGGS; ty Shortcake Sugarplum!)
[Shag] – Cherie (roots) – afterglow
GOK, skirt was part of a charity item
ChaChaDee! – 1970s Heel Reptile Black (still in love with these)
poses: Glitterati, Formality
locations: World’s End Garden and the Fallen Gods sim
GIMPed for your pleisure.


2 thoughts on “Stylish trespass

  1. Love the pictures!! :D But you know, when you write “today’s images of bondage seem to contradict yesterday’s post about ending violence against women.” I think you can rest 100% assured, there is nothing “violent agains women” going on in bondage – it’s a very consensual thing, and only happens because the one being tied up WANTS it to happen that way :)

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