Lost in phone

When I take the subway home in the evening, I feel like the only human left in a world full of pod-people who appear to be mesmerized by small, glowing screens. For me, these machines mark the birth of a society exponentially worse than the one I used to know. I think everyone experiences this dismay at some point in their life. It’s usually tied to a fear that sociability has suffered with the introduction of a new technology: film, TV, the video camera, digital arcade games [pinball rules okay!], the Walkman, personal computers, the internet, and now zombiephones. A friend told me that her mother believes air conditioning ruined civilization because people no longer sat on their front porches and yammered at one another. I once read that the mobile phone is popular because people can’t stand to be alone: one wards off existential angst by talking to anyone about anything. The “smartphone,” by contrast, sucks up so much of the user that she can hardly be said to exist at all, let alone worry about inauthenticity. Or monsters. *dun dun dun*


Credits to creators
ShuShu, PLEASE ME MESH [includes beanie, boots, top in pic one, matching skirt not shown, and dress, which combines top and skirt, in pic two] (POE hunt gift)
h.m.a.e.m. – la regina dei ghiacci black [underneath; comes with a funny headdress; ty Riri!]
shine by [ZD] MESH PENCIL SKIRT ITALIAN LENGTH LACE- black – S (ty Cecilia Blachere!)
booN, DQO010 hair gold
{.essences.} Xihe_light_freckles (from Around the World event)
the gloves are an old old gift
Adorkable Poses: Cell Phone pack (With Love Hunt, 10L)
location: Innsmouth


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