Fully expecting to be chosen to perpetuate the human species in a large, but selective, lunar colony, Portia dresses for her post-doomsday destiny.

Credits to creators
*Epic Boobies* Archangel Suit White [only looks silver in the pic] (comes with neck corset in three sizes and Lolas Tango applier; can be worn regular style)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
[LeLutka]-VERSAGE hair – BlueRinseFade
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with +Nuuna+ Winter 2012 makeup (open gift comes with Tango applier; the lips are blue, btw)
*Epic* Mesh Neo Mega Stompers {Glacier}{S} (off-white, only look silver in the pic]
Pididdle, Silver nails (old VIP gg)
location: new u.f.o store
GIMPed (with a bit of end-o-the-world carelessness)


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