The Gallery Gift Shop has just launched its latest round of goodies. Portia wears a big comfy sweater from 22769 and pink felt Button Boots from NuDoLu. If you don’t like pink, you’re in luck, because these beauties also come in a mustache-decorated version done in two shades of grey.

swindl This month’s artworks are especially lovely. Portia poses with Gabrielle Swindlehurst’s image of a bulbalicious chandelier. (What you’re seeing is just a detail. The photo looks much more cinematic when some blogger isn’t cropping it for a vanity pic.) Chiana0 is featuring olde-timey airplanes in her works. This is a good time to head off to Amacci, where there’s a sale on all hairdos including recent releases. You can also pick up this skin, a 10L Cold Winter Night Hunt item. I like this skin because it’s sophisticated-looking without being too made up.

Credits to creators
22769 ~ [femme] Knit Tunic grey M (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Manuel Ormidale!)
[M] Jean w/knot – Petal v3- XXS (LB prize)
:NuDoLu: Bottes de boutons Love (resizeable: I blew them up quit a bit, for the lulz) (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Neuilles Newman!)
Amacci, Skin – Nuiko (Pearl) – Winter (CWN hunt item, 10L; you are looking for a blue snowflake)
Amacci, Hair Celine ~ Light Copper [I shrank this quite a bit and added a hairbase, which can be had for free at the shop] (on sale)
Zibska, Evion ~ Earrings [colour change by menu] (ty Zib Scaggs!)

If you GIMP something, say something.


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