I’ll get ahead

lpdnew3x I wanted to call this post “Suck it, Armani,” but I wasn’t sure that creator Nevery Lorakeet would appreciate it. (Trendy curses don’t travel well.) Jamira is the newest ensemble from Les Petits Details. It features Ms. Lorakeet’s signature combination of a sober blouse and extravagant skirt, this one in black netting. The pieces can be bought separately in world, but not on Marketplace, where only the whole outfit is on offer. There are two variations on the ensemble, each with a different fabric for the jacket (with optional buttons). One skirt is a washed green and the other a worn brown.

cecefinal Cece is a dramatic new avatar from Jesylilo. The pack includes a slim shape (not shown) and three makeups with blazing brows. In twenty-five years of following fashion, I’ve seen several attempts to launch the bushy brow trend, which never catches on. One of the most beautiful Steven Meisel photos ever run by American Vogue depicted a naturally bushy-browed brunette in all her glory. She was never heard from again. (And I don’t mean Arizona Muse. This was well before she was born.) Do note Portia’s elegant piercing from ellabella, which features crosses where dimples ought to be. It fit right out of the box, which is rare for piercings on Portia.

celoe shoex Ever notice that your av’s most expensive shoes always get hidden under skirts? Not this time: one of them escaped.

Credits to creators
items from LpD (ty Nevery!):
– *Jamira* Black [mesh jacket with resizable sculpty skirt] (NEW)
– *Daria* Dress Black – [collar only in the closeup]
Drift, L’Bow Bow (hunt gift)
*JeSyLiLO*:::CeCe:::*LightSkin*J1 (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Amacci Hair, Sphinx ~ Jet Black (is the sale still on?)
.:ellabella:. Saint – Crimson – chin
:[Plastik]:- Hazel Bracelet:// (old With Love Hunt 3 gift)
: Amorous : Die Schlacht (Earrings) (part of set)
celoe, amae.sandals.depth/sleek.
poses: dfo! no one is going to pay us to eat carrot sticks [actually, I like carrot sticks]
pda, for P.C. III
Label Motion, TDRF 4 pack
Obviously, it’s not usually possible to have one’s skirt part magically to reveal one’s shoe. Nor is it possible to ruin the highlights of that gorgeous hairdo without special tools. Thank you GIMP.


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