Hello earth

eartl Time passes between shooting pictures, editing them and posting them. Occasionally I find myself posting pictures that feel stronger than I do at the moment of writing, that feel as good as I did at the moment of shooting. Today I haz a sad, so I won’t tell you how this pic revises the end of Anna Karenina. I do hope that despite my failure of words, you will feel inspired to fly off to the Couturier’s Docks, where, as of noon today, Riri Ninni’s kinky Yoke Joke necklace is available in brown or blue-black in limited numbers. You could then take a taxi to LpD to pick up Nevery Lorakeet’s very romantic Ophelia dress, which is available in ecru, shown here, as well as white and pale pink. Finally, you will want to beam yourself up to Marketplace to pick up Sion Pearl’s new version of her classic earpods for MetaTheodora. These are also available in a blue-light version.
eartcl Hello Earth, an old favourite.

Credits to creators
LpD, Ophelia Dress ecru [mesh with sculpty veils] (NEW; ty Nevery!)
h.m.a.e.m. – yoke joke *raining day* (at Couturier’s Docks; ty Riri!)
MetaTheodora, Cyber EarPods 2013 Edition – White (NEW; ty Sion!)
Amacci Hair Pythia ~ Night
ChaChaDee! – 1970s Heel Leather Grey
Glam Affair – Renee – Dreary Soul 03 BL (old gacha)
-Sorry.Asia- Cyber.Touch Make-Up (old gift)
Clemmm -ReSnick eyes
pose one is part of Ambergris, LastNight Hand Muff (old gift)
pose two: PDA
location: BCC
These pics were GIMPed lightly and Pixlred hard.


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