Mama papa comin’ for you

marial2x Fashion for Life is like one of those vans that swings out of nowhere—or Red Hook—caroms down a crooked Brooklyn street, scrapes past one of the last remaining mailboxes on earth and then speeds off, a discarded 32 oz. soda cup the only sign of its passing. By which I mean, it ends on Sunday. So grab yourself a bottle of water and a bowl of fruit and jog out to buy Shena, one of Aliza Karu’s sassy donation creations for Angels and Demons.


Credits to creators
[AD] Shena mesh dress (NEW at Fashion for Life; ty Aliza!)
Blah. (My Tight Bodysuit – Grey)
:::Sn@tch, Leather Bangles (free at Shop Free*Style)
RO – FAMOUS Ring – Rainbow {store is remarkable oblivion}
[Gang/Cold) An Angel Shoes – Black/Silver
>TRUTH< Claudia Streaked – copper
Glam Affair – Luria skin – 06 (at The Arcade)
La Malvada Mujer – Cubico 3 tat (old freebie)
poses: pda, weird feelings and franklin
location: Virtual Decay
GIMPed a smidge


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