Second star on the right

peter32l Aliza Karu’s Booklook for April celebrates Peter Pan. The floor-length gown, which is slit on one side just shy of the hip, features an elegant monochrome fade from white through grey to black. The accompanying Trilly dust that orbits one’s av is probably magical. It reminds me of the Sugar Corn Pops I ate as a kid, which had their own magic of dissolving on the tongue. The Peter Pan ensemble also includes a mobile spiral of multi-coloured light (not shown in this picture) that probably represents Tinkerbell on speed. Or in love. I get those two confused.
petermed2 I’m an Aries in RL and decided to celebrate with Aranel Ah’s rams horns for Zodiac. Being an inadequate Aries makes me feel inadequate. I’m supposed to be a leader, but I’m a loner. The best capsule description of Aries that I ever read states “Aries can be perfectly nice people once they’ve been chemically or surgically altered.” I can never understand why I am the only person who finds that hilarious. Possibly it’s because no one born under another sign can appreciate how close it comes to the truth.

Credits to creators
[Angels and Demons Creations] Tribute to peter Pan [mesh dress only in one size, so try demo] (NEW; ty Aliza!) presented with Libriamo Tutti
*BOOM* I Am Aries (gold) horns (at Zodiac)
A&Ana Fashion Jewellery Pus Glamour Bracelet (at TDR Fusion)
[7891.] Hage Cross Necklace – Drop – Gold
~ Tableau Vivant~ Ewing hair – female (S) – Xmas ed. Metal fade
*Glance Skins – Anais – August – No Brows (was a Skin Fair item)
[theSkinnery], Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 7 (was a Skin Fair item)
Miss Shippe’s Studio, OMS O Rama Gold Feather Lower Lashes Only
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Black (old gift)
.ID. Snowfall Eyes / Seasons Gatcha / Hazel
pose one: Clemmm
pose two: Whatever, Modeling Chair (? I need to check this)


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