Slay without a sword

armormmmx Today I have a special preview of the sexy new armor from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik. The Vandariel Armor will be available at this year’s Fantasy Faire, which opens April 20th and closes on the 28th. Always generous with choices, Ms. Rieko is issuing Vandariel in a cornucopia of colours and combos. I was so delighted by the subtle fabric on the collar of the Princess armor that I decided I could be royalty for a day. (I’ll go back to being mange tomorrow.) The Vandariel armor includes a long flexi skirt, which can be set to one of twenty different fabrics via HUD. Most of these fabrics are dark in colour, so you will want to do battle by day, when your gorgeous ensemble will impress the most foes. The colour-change gems in the breast-plate and girdle are my favourite part of the ensemble. The HUD with all the sparkling varieties of stone is like a jar of rock candy, only it doesn’t make you sick if you sample all the offerings. Portia’s eyes are part of The Plastik’s new Drazira skin packs, which will also be available at Fantasy Faire. Don’t forget that this is an RFL event raising funds to fight cancer.
princessclx Just in time for battle, Shortcake Sugarplum of Lucky #7 has created lip spikes for the new round of The Gallery Gift Shop. These make Portia want to kiss people to death. More than usual, that is.

Credits to creators

:[Plastik]:- Vandariel-Armor://Princess (NEW at Fantasy Faire starting April 20; ty Aikea Rieko!)
[ #7 ] Spike Your Lips  {MC} gap (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Shortie!)
:EMO-tions:. STARLINE-braided tattoo / black
[ glow ] studio – Ademonia Eyelashes (no gems) (at TDRF)
[Plastik]-Bloodless-gold mesh eyes (come with new Drazira skins, also available at Fantasy Faire on April 20th)
[theSkinnery]Byuri-Bare face(brownie) NB CL2
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Black (old gift)
{nestle my bosom} nose bleed (old gift)
:[Plastik]:- Demon Fades- Crimson
.[creator Anais Gaea], black diamond nose stud (oldest thing I own)
poses: Blah!, Model pack 2
GIMPed not pimped (guess who found the focal length slider?)


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