Braille to the night

drazirffIt’s been a bad week for brains. They’ve been overtaxed. Now that I can feel my grey matter returning to its usual spongey and sproingy state, I am once again able to blog. The last day of the Fantasy Faire, an event raising money for cancer research, is Sunday April 28th. So you still have time to bounce over to The Plastik’s pavilion to buy Aikea Rieko’s new Draziirah skin. Draziirah has to be shot in bright light to show off the weirdly cracked chocolatey skin. The skin features a full-body vine tattoo which is sold in ten different colours, including silver, green, red, yellow, blue and purple. Portia is wearing Draziirah in one of the greens, Anjuna, which I’ve tarted up with HoD’s Lovely Disarray face tattoo and Electro Blue Neon Punk earrings. This is a brand new item available at The Gallery Gift Shop till mid-May.
drazirs Each Draziirah skin pack features a plain version of the skin and some extra mystical tats. I’ve used tats from two skins, Anjuna and Silver, to decorate Anorak’s beautiful bod. In addition to the elf ears shown here, the Drazira skin pack includes glowing eyes. Anorak’s classy Wasabi Pills hair, Erika, is also available at Fantasy Faire. This version of The Plastik’s Vexed dress was a gift, but there are plenty more patterns to choose from in the mainstore.

Credits to creators

Look one
:[Plastik]:- Draziirah [Female]://Anjuna (NEW; at Fantasy Faire; ty Aikea Rieko!)
– .HoD. – Neon Punk Gauge Electro Blue with Lovely Disarray – I’m no Priest Face Paint – Neon Punk Edition [unisex] (NEW; at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Aydan Darcy!)
: Amorous : Die Schlacht set of face piercing and pasties and earrings not shown
Analog Dog, tangled obsidian (almost unrecognizable colour due to Windlight setting)
:[Plastik]:-Vaele Coll(Base)://Galaxia-Nala eyes

Look two
:[Plastik]:- Draziirah-Female:// Plain Base Anjuna pack (NEW; at Fantasy Faire; ty Aikea Rieko!)
:[Plastik]:- Draziira Tattoo[Face-Dots]://Silver
:[Plastik]: Draziira Tattoo[Body-Dots]://Anjuna
:[Plastik]: Draziira Tattoo[Body-Suns]://Silver
:[Plastik]:- Draziira Tattoo[Face-Suns]://Anjuna
/Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – Pancake (NEW; at Fantasy Faire; ty Miss. Lemon!!)
:[Plastik]:- Vex Dresses [XXS]:// Chevron (former gift)
*BOOM* Bold wrist cuff (v1) Titanium
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuff (v2) Titanium (this is the Collabor88 edition)
.:ellabella:. Vaeface piercing, colour change

poses: Ma Vie, Revealed


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