21st century exodus

kmkiujyht I have this mesmerizing metallic dress by Aliza Karu of [AD] Creations. I style it with some futuristic hair by Eshi Otawara. The dress falls to the knee and the dreads inch past it. It’s a swelegant combo and I’m excited to shoot it. I get one medium shot and Exodus crashes. I get a low-res test shot of the entire ensemble—including some boots I picked up on sale at SLink—and Exodus crashes. I log in while watching TV and Exodus crashes. I walk and chew gum at the same time and Exodus crashes. I coordinate my blouse with my pants and Exodus crashes. I eat meat and rice at the same meal and Exodus crashes. Like a little bitch. (I do not care for that phrase, but it fits.) It doesn’t want me making connections.
nec2xxxx The next day I decide to make my pics extra spacey. I get one closeup of Portia on a fcking machine at Necronom VI and guess what? Okay, I don’t need to read the manual to know what to do. With Exodus, I mean, not the fcking machine. Stay focused on the fashion, people. Days later I finally get a chance to reinstall Exodus. I do it clean. Exodus crashes four times while my inventory loads. I backtrack to a version so primitive that it has no height offset. The thought of slidering to High and enabling Deferred Rendering sends me scurrying for my teddy bear. Which is long gone. I fear I may try to cuddle one of you if I go inworld again. Please accept this last cruddy photo of Portia as an invitation to admire the asymmetrical bangs of Betty by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills. Please also look past all those 0s and 1s to see a lovely group gift skin from Amesha Jewell of Aeva/Heartsick. Adorned with gemstones around the forehead, Airelle comes in 7 tones, including mesh feet.

Credits to creators

AD Creations, Waiting Metal Dress (NEW limited edition at Seasons of Couture; ty Aliza!)
Aeva/Heartsick, Airelle Gemstone (VIP group gift, group is free; pick up skin in store and check notices for box of feet)
shot two: Wasabi Pills, Betty Rouge (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
shot one: Eshi Otawara, Ninja Girl Majestic (not available)
Fleshtone, Narsha Vanity Cuff Silver (Sadly, Fleshtone has closed down)
Solidea Folies, Chameleion Ring
ellabella, Vae Face piercing (colour change)
oh yeah, GIMP had to hump these real good

One thought on “21st century exodus

  1. You do showcase some amazing creations. I never could get into Second Life as much as I wanted to, bandwidth in South Africa not being all that friendly to MMO’s and regular downloading at the same time.
    Also, I hear it can get quite expensive…

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