Break them in

jeanssm Bela Tolsen always does jeans for her TuttiFrutti line, and her spring collection offers some sophisticated yet form-fitting takes on the old classic. In addition to a faded pair splotched with clouds and a light pair, she’s created the dark and flowered pairs Portia models today.
puppettutti Since I am still planning to succumb to the Server Side Baking apocalypse, I’ve been feeling pressure to dress Portia in everything she’s not yet worn. That means finding some silly stuff in the closet. Do these puppets make me look fat?

Credits to creators
pic one: *TuttiFrutti* Denim Mesh Jeans – Dark [XS] (NEW; ty Bela!)
pic two: *TuttiFrutti* Denim Mesh Jeans – Blossom – [XS] (NEW; ty Bela!)
Tee*fy, Ana Slouchy Satin Tank Grey Sheer S (old Collabor88)
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Horns :: LIBERTAD :: V.2 (special event, prolly Zodiac)
Glam Affair – Margot – India Clean – Red (at Collabor88)
Aeva // Eyelashes // Long Lashes
[JB] Juicy Box – Beautiful Mess Tattoo
>TRUTH< Elisha w/Roots – copper
*REDGRAVE* Audrey2 – PlateauHeels
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
puppets are an old CuteBytes hunt gift
prop is Glitterati Shopaholic Closet
GIMPed for your pleisure


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