Belly weather

nnekalngy Relax in the cool mesh Nneka dress from 22769, which is available in five different glorious patterns and costs a mere 160L.

drayalyes Tense up in Draya, a sizzling SOHO MARKET deal from LC, which can be had for 65L in hot shades of orange, red and yellow, as well as the pink Portia wears here. (The dress is also available in black and in white for chromophobes.) Portia’s bright red bangle is a new subo gift from BSD. You can purchase other colours at Lyfe Of Style. (Be aware that the subo gift bracelet is mistakenly set for 500L at LoS. That’s the price of the fat pack!! Do not buy one bracelet for 500L.)

ariacl However you want to play it, Aria in Walnut works. I’ve never bought a skin from League before, but I was tempted by Nena Janus’ new dark skintones. With the SSB apocalypse on the horizon, I’m trying to dress Portia in skins and stuffs she’s never worn before. Tight cutoff jeans, milking apparatus, were-lady teeth and lizard skin await. Don’t act like you’re not excited.

Credits to creators
Cool look
22769 ~ [femme] Nneka dress african harvest S
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C with *League* Aria Lipstick [Walnut] -Coral (Apricot) (pack contains skin without lipstick and lipstick tattoo; second and third pics show skin without lipstick) and with freckles tat, also included
::Mother Goose’s::.(br)eyeline
[UMEBOSHI] Knee tattoo -Eye-
EarthStones, Neisha Bracelet – Brown/Tigers Eye/Moss Agate
erratic / owl bracelet / gold
MONS / Shocking eyes – gray

Hot look
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C
:Lethal Couture:: Draya:Hell on Heels Dress [Pink] (at SOHO MARKET, not Soho Sample Sale)(it’s so confusing)
booN, ZPO133 hair black
-UtopiaH- Wild Skull [gold]
“THE BOYS – cassie Earring (not available)
[tea.s] Starfleet Ring (subo gift)
{{BSD Design Studio}}ICONIC beauty bangle – red (subo gift) [see post for note about this bracelet]
N-core SHARK 2 “One Voice edition (not available)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

poses: dfo!, Gala pack (fundraiser edition, prolly not available)

I GIMP therefore I AM


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