The new old chastity


It was a dark and stormy night when Portia Capelo contacted her friend Sian Pearl, who makes cool, wicked stuffs, and said “So, like, I know this person who told me that her sister was talking to a guy whose girlfriend was reading a book written by a woman who interviewed a sub who remembered (fondly) her grandmother’s tales of tight-lacing and erm chastity belts….” At first Sian hesitated to take on my special commission. Wasn’t a chastity belt an instrument of repression and torture? Not, Portia figured, if it’s my idea. Not if it’s temporary. Not if the person who’s holding the key knows when to spring the locks. (Not if one secretly believes that it would be no worse than wearing underwear when it’s 105 degrees.) After doing some research, Sian asked if she should build in a dildo and a butt plug. By this time Portia was no longer pretending to be merely curious. She’d thought about this quite a bit and, truth be told, it seemed to her that the chastity belt should be a nice escape from all the penetrating one has to put up with. Sian was not down with the dildo either, but she designed the belt so that it looks like pluggy things could be added. She actually came up with something much more subtly stimulating: that lovely furrow in the front, which I assume is meant to keep the labia minora separate and the clitoris sequestered. Sian decided that she wouldn’t produce the chastity belt for her MetaTheodora line, which is a shame. It’s hard to believe SL doesn’t host a thousand fashion slaves longing for some of this medieval bling. UPDATE: This was reverse psychology. Sian changed her mind.


That’s right. Two different looks. Oh sure, like you know what to wear with yours. (You do?! Text me.)

Look professional
MetaTheodora, PORTIA III Chastity Belt (NOW AVAILABLE)
cheeky, Wet Tanky! (old HTH 4 hunt gift)
[MystiCanvass] Jamie Skin D Cup-Copper (old event skin)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Amacci Hair, Celine ~ Natural Copper
:FANATIK: My bad girl ring Copper
[R3volt] – Jade Cuffs [V3]
bellballs/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff – Nature
Glitterati, Boobtacular

Look casual
MetaTheodora, PORTIA II Chastity Belt (NOW AVAILABLE)
-Suicidal Unborn!- Dirty Top Purple XS
::Exile:: Little Things:Blackgold
[theSkinnery] Byuri-Foxy Lady(toffee) DB CL3 (old event special version)
(r)M ~ Copper Rings (dollarbie on Marketplace)
*BOOM* Bold wrist cuff (v1) Titanium
Glitterati, Pin up Girl

GIMPed and a little PIMPed


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