Chartreuse shines

teresa2final Today I found myself missing important things from my childhood. Dogs ran free in the 1970s. I miss screaming and bounding off every time we saw the extremely weird mop dog trot our way. (Poor thing.)
grafcharxlt Mouths were smaller in the 1970s. Sucking the juice out of a half-dozen honeysuckle blossoms was practically a full dessert.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Teresa* Dress Yellow (Mesh – Size S) [I replaced the white camisole with the top from *LpD* – *Giglio* Dress Turquoise-Yellow] (ty Nevery!)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Marta* Complete (at Cosmetics Fair; ty Nevery!)
Glam Affair – Lulu 04 BL (Arcade)
[DDL] Dream On (Light Blue) (I had no luck with the HUD, which made everything grey on my screen, so I am pretending the feet are socks)
“”D!va”” Hair “Lili” (Type A)(Onyx) (Collabor88)
FINESMITH, APRIL gift of earrings and necklace (still available, fee to join VIP group)
MIASNOW Accessory – RING BOP ~LEMON QUARTZ (old gift)
pose one, Clemmm
pose two, Picture This!, Cherry Blossom Parasol pack (from last month’s Boutique)
location for pic two is Virtual Decay
Between GIMP and nothing, I choose GIMP.


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