I swing

solidealngl If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton you should shop this month’s round of The Couturier’s Docks, which is an homage to Marc Jacobs’s work. The Twiggy outfit from Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies is limited to 50 copies, like every other item. But it comes in black, red, yellow and beige versions, so 200 of us can get ourselves checked out. (That came out wrong, but I like it.)


Credits to creators
*SoliDea FoliEs* Twiggy- Red (at Couturier’s Docks)
Zibska, Rikka ~ Earring [comes with necklace; at TGGS until July 9th; ty Zib Scaggs!)
Tableau Vivant – LL 1/2 gloves (XXS-S) (at Limited Bazaar)
ChaChaDee! – 1970s Heel Reptile Black
-LaViere- momo/PeachDreams
-tb- {Dark} Space Mod – Dark Winged Brows (past event skin)
::Mother Goose’s::. pointed lashes-1
.::Mother Goose’s::. pointed lashes-2
[MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
screen is from W. Winx and Flair, Winxbox Stirred
GIMP walked out on me, slamming the door behind him, probably headed to the sports bar on the corner, which he hates. One more deformed shoulder and it’s over. That’s the last thing he said. Sigh.


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