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jumpsuitll I saw an old photo of my alt and I realized I missed her nose, so she’s back and dressed in Riri Ninni’s fierce Selvaggia jumpsuit for h.m.a.e.m. This is a loose-fitting jumpsuit, kinda like a pair of overalls. Ms. Ninni has textured the jumpsuit so that it looks as though it has been lit from above, making for a more photogenic garment.
jumpsuitclpx(So, yes, here is Lo’s nose. Bite me, Rhinoplasty Barbie.) I’ve been styling outfits relatively freely of late, using favourite or overlooked items, like this pretty Pout skin, no longer sold by Gala Phoenix of Curio. Sigh. The beautiful flower-strewn beret from MiWardroe is available at a discounted price at the Limited Bazaar for one more day. It is guaranteed to make you smile (because it made even grouchy old me do it).

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m., selvaggia sky jumpsuit XS (NEW and also available in fuchsia, acid green and grey-white; ty Ms. Riri!)
MiWardrobe – Ecleptico Benet – (at Limited Bazaar through August 8)
erratic / cuffs / gold (cheapie on Marketplace)
.:EMO-tions:. * STARLINE 1*/black
[ROLY-POLY] -DECO- blue hana shoes (free demo)
FINESMITH, SAFARI MEN earring (old gift)
Curio, Pout-The Blues 1, Bean Frex [Light] (not available)
pose one: Olive Juice, Predator (old event item)
pose two: Olive Juice, Avedon (available at her lil outpost on the Floorplan sim)


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