Ming shows mercy

ming2c I never buy a skin in more than one tone. I narrow my choice down to my fave light tone and my fave dark tone and then choose one winner. But when I tried Ming, new from Umazuma Metaluna for The Skinnery, I decided it was time to pretend I am Marie Antoinette and can eat lots of cake without dieting or worrying about the sheep, at least while Siouxsie and the Banshees are playing at the ball. Compared to recent releases, these faces are soft and velvety. The area above the cheekbone is especially beautiful. It looks like vulnerable flesh, not like foundation.

portsksm Ming allows you to make your own lipstick tints. Ms. Metaluna has created a system of varying depths of colour. Choose level one for a light look, level six for a deep look, and then tint with the basic colour picker. The idea is to preserve the detail of the lip texture. The lips look a bit dry, but you can add the lipgloss layer to give them sheen. Ebony Portia wears Eilian, new from Zib Scaggs at Zibska. This is a limited edition anniversary set for L’Accessoires. It is colour and shine change. And it includes a male version.


Honey Portia wears Neon Tower bangles and earrings from WTG. Each element of the set is sold separately, at very low cost, at Limited Bazaar for another four days. There is also a necklace. Parts of the WTG jewels appear to rotate like a barber-shop pole, so if you are looking to be even more hypnotized by your computer, this is the set for you.

Credits to creators

Look one
[theSkinnery]Ming-Bare face(honey) NB CL2 and Ming Blush and Ming red brows layer for skin with brows and Ming mat lipstick intensity 3 and Ming gloss
*LACUNA* Bandeau Top – S – Sapphire Blue
*LACUNA* Diametric Maxi Skirt – XS – Red Blaze & Sapphire Blue
+:+WTG+:+ **Neon Tower** bangles (menu resize)
+:+WTG+:+ **Neon Tower** earrings (menu resize)
[kik]hair-Gisele 1(brown1)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
pose one: Glitterati, Headshot pack
pose two: purple poses, brigite pack

Look two
[theSkinnery] Ming-Bare face(ebony) BB CL2 with Ming mat lipstick intensity 3 and Ming gloss (NEW)
Zibska, Eilian and Eilian Uomo~ Necklace and Bangles (NEW at L’Accessoires; ty Zib) (colour change, shine change and menu resize)
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Chestnut-
pose: wetcat, TTB II pack

These were shot on the CalWl setting (rosy glow a local light). I admit to getting a bit carried away GIMPing the neck on model two. So I touched nothing on the face or body skin of model one. Always demo skins. Your results will not look like mine.


What do you think?

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