Yeah, so I did this. I like it. You probably won’t. (It’s been that kind of day.) Of note: the Twisted Hunt gift from Mystic Canvass comprises an alabaster skin in three makeups, with MC’s signature A cup and D cup variations for the chest shading. Oh, btw, if you zoom close on the Wasabi Pills hair—which is my fave ever of Miss Lemon’s designs—you will see what I would describe as weird shit sticking out of it. This is some kind of special seasoning added by my new (work) computer, which runs the current viewers only because it wants to mess with my pics.


Joy Laperriere of Shi does amazing accessories with strips of leather. The latest VIP group gift is a set of unisex ear cuffs with a HUD for metal and leather colour change. In addition to black, there’s caramel, dark green and dark red leather options.

Credits to creators
:LP::: Long_Tee [Soot] – XS (recent fi*friday)
[Mystic Canvass] Heckle Skin A-Cup Intrevert (Twisted Hunt gift contains three different makeups)
.Shi : Journey Earring [Unisex] {Luxe Gift} (new VIP gift; fee to join)
.Olive. the Maybe they’re real Bracelet Freebie WHITE (on Marketplace)
LaGyo,_Valma bangle (at Collabor88) (I modded the yellow bits)
/Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Ethereal
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Lapis):::
label motion poses, Draya pack
GIMPed where necessary


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