Portia says relax

dockrelax This is another outfit that happened by accident as I was tossing demos on the doll. The combo of the vivid pink blouse with the beige overalls makes my eyes very happy. Portia takes a break on the grounds of the Laviere/Tee*fy sim, which is still leafy and warm and extremely peaceful. Taking these pics with my new MacBook Air involved a series of snafus, but I did discover that the official viewer, while not perfect, is better than Firestorm when it comes to delivering a not-degraded image with deferred rendering enabled. Shame that, since Firestorm has more sophisticated photo options. [Update: I hate you, SL!!!! Fuck your screenshots and your shadows and all those donuts that people toss into group chats but which never rez for me.]

porthickc I love Inka Mexicola’s bold makeups for Essences. I wasn’t sure at first whether I liked the more youthful faces she started creating a while back. But the high-impact makeups work because they look quirky and cool on a youthful face. On the face of a mature woman, the makeups would look too glamorous and rich. P.S. Portia says burn your brows.

Credits to creators
Emery – Safari Shirt Norbit (for Skirt) Jalpur – XS
ASO!, 1940s Overall (beige) M (NEW; at Fashion’s Story Fair event)
Essences – Rose TDR03 *doux* browless (TDRF)
Clawtooth: Modern Gibson – Dreamy Red (this is a special 50L Friday colour, but it’s not the only red that Clawtooth sells)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet R (trans) – brown (gacha)
VCO – Worry dolls2 RARE (was at The Arcade)
:NuDoLu: Derby compense Dentelle cerise (was at The Arcade)

GIMPed for good measure


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