There’s nothing in this post that isn’t kinky. (The shoes, for instance, are denim.) So don’t hit that link if you’re working for Hobby Lobby.

There’s just no telling who will be into what. Portia, for instance, never imagined that a couple of whacks from the plastic axe of a plastic tin man would make her his willing slave. And yet she certainly knew that she was aroused by the idea of being spanked with something by someone somewhere at some time. I myself discovered this year that my erstwhile insistence on not following “corny” D/S scripts was wrongheaded. Yes, sexual chemistry is unpredictable. But rejecting the scripts out of hand left me fumbling around with my playmate, who was equally game for being original but could never find a dirty name that I didn’t reject. Having reconnected with him and adopted more conventional approaches to D/S, I now believe that hot sex is not something one can make up from whole cloth. The scripts persist for a reason. In the years during which my playmate and I were estranged, I studied up. (Compared to books, video versions of the D/S scripts are hella easy to study—and they leave both of your hands free.) Last time around, my partner was taken aback when I suddenly declared that I absolutely had to get on all fours for him. The impulse was disconcertingly fierce. “I am, like, a proud lioness of kneeling,” I explained, surprising myself. To this he replied, “I’m scared. Please stop.” I have the feeling that he also studied up in the intervening years. Because this time around roaring submission did not feel like an oxymoron for either of us.

Credits to creators
Devious Mind, Shibari ropeharness black latex (MESH; at Genre, where it is specially priced for 100L; rope versions in several colours also available)
[Gos] Bordello – Rock Chic – Denim – XS (these are a donation item at Shoetopia)
Illmatiic, CUNT leather snapback Noir (at Kustom9)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
[kik]hair-Gisele 2(brown1)
-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03
so old I know not whence they came: Nipple Bruises and spank marks
pose by Apple Spice, Heartbroken pack
Doll Coco, Tin Man (old gift)

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