What’s inside a TARDIS?

callboxg I was going to say that my TARDIS is never bigger on the inside. Because I’m gloomy and all. But then I decided to ponder the idea of entering something small that turns out to be big. And I realized that my TARDIS is as big and exciting on the inside as any other. If, that is, the TARDIS is the female sexual and reproductive organs. Tiny hole on the outside leads to big spaces on the inside. Anyone with a semester’s worth of English lit would say it’s a womb metaphor. But the baby berth is not the whole of the female interior. There’s also the vagina, with its G spot, and the (rumored-to-be-hidden) clitoris. These are represented by the TARDIS command console—with its lovely throbbing core. There’s much to be read into the various doctors’ inability to manage those controls. Matt Smith’s Doctor, who slips and slides his way around the console at launch time, is the TARDIS’s most energetic lover. He calls her “Sexy,” but only when they’re alone. Clearly, they should never be alone. If Smith’s Doctor has to race round to throw all those levers and turn all those dials it’s because the TARDIS needs many pairs of hands. If you want her to come. Come to save the world, I mean.
fezgizza Portia was so dressed up when she heard about Tyr Grommit’s gift fez for Auxiliary that she saw no reason to not add it to her ensemble. Unfortunately, it’s a sober kind of masquerade because her Gizza gown with cloak is a donation item for flood relief to the Philippines. You will find it and many more desirable items, as well as straight-up donation boxes, at the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser. On the last day, December 8, there will be an auction of stunning one-of-a-kind gowns by couturiers such as Nevery Lorakeet for LpD and Zib Scaggs for Zibska.

Credits to creators
GizzA – Donna Gown [Burgundy] (donation item for the Philippines: see above)
Zibska, Lique necklace (NEW at L’Accessoires; ty Zib!)
[Auxiliary] Fezzes Are Cool – Happy 50th (open gift) If my interpretation is correct, the fez is a condom, and it is, indeed, cool in a “no-glove-no-love” way. It’s a damn good thing he’s got round to wearing one at last.
*League*, Aria Walnut -Apricot -NoBrow -Chest C
+Fallen Gods Inc.+, ZODIAC, GOLD filigree (Winter is Coming gacha rare)
[ #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes
:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaAn:: Feather Eyelashes – Valentine (old item)
:::Fab-U-Lous:::: Lea ( Black) with Liquence . – Hairbase (all hair at Fab-U-Lous is on sale for 75L until the store closes)
Zibska, Halcyon ~ Earrings
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small with Bliensen + MaiTai nails HUD that I do not recall acquiring
POST, TARDIS (free for a limited time)

It’s a Cramps reference, innit


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