Rare gacha guilt

As if I didn’t have enough neuroses to enjoy, I now feel bad about winning rare gacha prizes that other players would enjoy more than I do. I paid a visit to the Winter Is Coming fantasy gacha event and won a bunch of duds. Against my better judgment, I went back the next day because I really wanted a rare Luas outfit, even though my av is not good with loin-cloths. Immediately I won the outfit and two other rares, one of which is an “ultrarare” complicated combat-ready double-fangled bow from GTS (that is not transferable). This weapon is meant for battle, and I am certain that I have no need to kill or even wound avs in SL. (In fact, I am such a pacifist that I no longer speculate angrily on the tiny size of griefers’ dicks.) What follows is safe neither for work nor for the Thanksgiving table. That’s because there’s nudity, which is ostensibly more objectionable than weapons or challenges to idiots’ manhood.

luastony The black and gold versions of this outfit are rare. The coloured versions are softened with a white chiffon loin-cloth that felt too princessy to me. I sent one to an adorable friend, so I’ll post a link if she dares to photograph herself in it.

Credits to creators
Luas, Athenea Black Rare (Winter Is Coming gacha event)
Luas, Athenea Red Common (copper bracelet only) (Winter Is Coming gacha event)
booN, YNO421 hair purple
booN, gathered raised hairbase purple
.Birdy. Imogen Skin ~Peaches~ Peaches & Cream (Bare) (gacha now available in the mainstore)
*Miss Shippe’s Studio* Way Beyond Waxing Brows
Cheap Makeup-sparkly black liner (old gift)
oO{VF}Oo-Tally Marks (on Marketplace)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (those default nips are gynormous)
mijn.botique, accessories / studded earrings n.2
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Zibska, Xiang (just the birds; there’s also a blindfold)
Sn@tch, Photobox
Glitterati, Boobtacular pack


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