More than fur flies

owling I think I’m cursed with rare-gacha disease. I discussed my guilt over winning a high-tech weapon in a previous post. Yesterday, I felt awkward because I won a rare Snowy Owl from Beetlebones on my third play. Then today, well, I won another one. On my first play. Both are creme, leading me to believe that the creme owl is not that rare after all. The owl does adorable things, as one would expect from the Yootz and Ohmai sisters. I was chuffed to name it after my AWOL master [pronounced Igor-style as math-tuh]. In his bird form, Master Sir is forced to perch on my arm, is bound to fly alongside me, and must go to sleep whenever I want to relax. There is no mechanism for tethering him to a post, cock cage toggling on and off. Scripters—call me.
aviatrix When I popped the owl out for the first time, a nearby avi noticed and said she hadn’t managed to win one. How was she to know this would make me sweat with guilt? If, woman-whose-name-I-forget, you are reading this post, and you still don’t have an owl, contact me to answer the truth-testing question, and I will atone for my luck by sending you my spare. (P.S., Anyone else notice that there are a lot of trees in world this time of year?)

*No animals were killed (or, truth be told, enslaved) (or, just to reassure you, impersonated) (much less adopted as a spirit guide) to make this outfit and these pix.

Credits to creators
:Beetlebones:: Artic Friends Snow Owl (creme) RARE (at Beetlebones and at the RMK Gothic sim market)
May’s Soul, Celtic Body xs red
ISON – raw hide vest – M (moss) (at Collabor88)
.Birdy. Blair skin ~Biscuit~ Gold Dust (Bare) RARE (at the Arcade)
Your cocain :: Dragon tat
Bliensen + MaiTai – Friedel – Necklace – Onyx – redgold (rare) (at the Jewelry and Accessories Expo)
*(OO)*YUKI_ Susu Shoes RARE2 (at the Christmas Mini Market)
MIEL, LO REFURBISHED SOCKS – multi/ebony (old gift)
Pure Poison – Riu Spiked Leather Bracelet
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
SHI, Distressed Aviator (at the Arcade)
Analog Dog, tangled black (I piled on a bunch of copies of the ponytail)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
poses by Glitterati
shot at the Christmas Mini Market skybox


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