ballin All I wanted was an albatross to round out my collection of Beetlebones’ Arctic Friends. I’d done very well on this gacha. I easily won a friend and an avatar version of the polar bear, snowshoe hare and arctic fox, as well as two rare creme owls, one on the first play. As Mr. S. Coleridge once related, an albatross is a lucky charm. Unless you decide to make it into a necklace or something. These days, if you want something from a popular gacha, you have an excellent chance of finding it at one of dozens of yard sales inworld. (So many plum puddings. So little need for so many plum puddings.) I was out trying to bag an albatross when I discovered that some of these markets have gacha machines with random prizes. One that was set for 25L a play claimed to contain rares. I figured the machine would dispense ugly things, like a pair of death-in-life-and-vice-versa earrings in a rare seaweed-and-squid colour combo. But on the first play it gave me…another one of them damn rare owls! Shown here. Along with another gacha rare, the Ballin shirt from 1992, now available to win at Kustom9. As I attempt to protect my new albatross from a trio of uppity owls, I can’t help  wonder whether rare gachas are not so rare after all. If they are in fact quite numerous, I don’t need to drive myself mad with guilt for my rare-gacha-magnetosis. Also, I don’t need to pay 1,000L for an orca.

Credits to creators
1992 // Long Muscle T (Ballin) S – RARE (gacha at Kustom9)
S H I Legging_Black
[F]oil- PlastiK Afro Earring- Blue – (several different colours at fi*friday this week)
[PACADI] – Eyti Bangles (store is closed)
booN, MIE355 hair chocolate (NEW) (must buy bases also: booN, cornrows hairbase chocolate)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C (SALE: half price, like almost everything else in the store, until January 26)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
pose is from the Urbz pack by Juxtapose (may no longer be open…it’s from 2011)

BB, Artic Friends Snow owl brown rare


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