chopchop When Enchantment opens on February 1st, we will all be dressed in dramatic red gowns and cloaks. Bloggers will be searching in vain for male models who think being a lumberjack is ok. And no one is going to be able to figure out what Grandma can eat now that she won’t wear her dentures. I wager that until Enchantment opens, it’s okay to be a little cheeky. For Reprisal, her contribution to the event, Zib Scaggs of Zibska has created a black column gown in a signature tone-on-tone floral fabric. It’s accessorized with a shredded red cape and a big axe called, obviously, a wolfinator. Blood is not included. Draw your own.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Reprisal ~ Red ~ Cloak and axe and black eyeshadow (NEW for Enchantment, opening February 1st; ty Zib!)
*Crazy* Momo Dress
Corvus : Marla Skin Cleveage
Zibska, Saskia ~ Black eyeshadow (included in Reprisal)
*SMOTD* Little Red Riding Blood ~ Crown of Wolfteeth (old gift)
/Wasabi Pills/ Cora Mesh Hair – Black coffee (ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
::BB:: Pesca Thigh Boots for DU2013 XS (PEWTER) (not available)
:::Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Black/Red Cross):::
poses: PDA
location: Imaginaria


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