New York native

newyorknativeFantasy fashion has gripped the grid. I’m not immune, and yet I can’t figure out what first-life trends are driving this. Is it all the scheming queen stuff playing on TV? The combo of fantasy fare and gacha is deadly, especially now that I am trying to cement my reputation as a rare gacha queen (easy on the schemes).

boomerang If you don’t live in the path of the polar vortex you may not realize that this grey-on-grey ensemble is a very fashionable look. I call it Vision in Slush Slush, It’s Gonna Git Ya.

Credits to creators
!gO! gore, Carnival S rare (This does not come with the underwear shown on the vendor. Fantasy dressing is tough when one is low on loincloths.) (Fantasy Gacha Festival)
[GE] Etia Grey Skirt (S)
[Black Pearls] Runa – Fur I mask (Fantasy Gacha Festival)
booN, SOT812 hair ash
booN, cornrows hairbase ash
Luminary, Byzantine Cuff Silver White (Fantasy Gacha Festival)
[Plastik]:- Astrali Skin[Cover-up]:// Calypso (old special release)
h.m.a.e.m. – yoke joke *raining day* (may not be available)
Corvus, Spiked Grey Mesh Choker M
DRD, creature horns Ovis – ash rare (previous gacha)
FINESMITH, silver knot BANGLES 1 (VIP gift, fee to join)
[GTS] Boomerang~1.82~
:MONS / Shocking eyes – black
poses PDA
location TSG


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