See the future

futurewave New becomes now on February 15th when the teleports open for the first edition of FutureWave, brought to you by Cursed Events. Today I’m previewing MetaTheodora’s brand new Swing3003 dress, which harks back to the structured shapes of 1964 Courreges without the forbiddingly harsh geometry and overpowering primary colours. Creator Sian Pearl is not sending you into space wearing an impractical square frock fashioned out of aluminum foil and white plastic. Instead she’s offering a bell-shaped tunic in a decorous and durable wool plaid that will keep you warm on Pluto and hide the space-dirt you’re sure to attract in Saturn’s rings.
3003 Outer space is the place where curves go to be hugged.

Credits to creators
MetaTheodora, Swing3003 Dress – Plaid Mauve – XS-M (NEW at FutureWave, beginning February 15)
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted) Bare (at Enchantment)
(epoque hair) Pristine – Double-Dip
[Belgravia] – Electra Boots – S – Midnight
Kayliwulff, FetishDoll Lacetex Catsuit Apricot (freebie)
set/pose two: Bent, Inspire (old gift)
pose one: Bent, Creative Portraits pack (One Voice item)

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