stanceArianna is brand new from Nevery Lorakeet for Les Petits Details. The no-nonsense halter top and fanciful tulip skirt in white put Portia in an Amazonian mood. The ensemble is also available in silver-black sequin, dusty rose with a bold floral skirt and sand with a pale floral skirt. Pink Fuel’s Futurewave offering is Sora in a new alabaster tone. The pack features a Sora shape and more appliers than you can imagine. (The vagina remover isn’t listed on the vendor but it’s in there for those of you who want to adopt Mochi Milena’s boi options.) There are nine eye makeups, including a sexy/scary smoky look. The basic lip is pale, but there are seven intense lipsticks to purchase, including red, blue, green and fuchsia. The brows are black only, but there is also a browless version, which is almost always my preference.

pegasus My secret for armouring up without mortgaging the serf: 25 Linden Tuesday.

Credits to creators
Thank you to all the Futurewave creators
*LpD* – *Arianna* outfit White (Mesh – Size S) (NEW; thank you Nevery!)
(r)M [aka red mint] Hair No.18’14 ~ Strawberry in dark blondes pack (NEW) [the bangs are colour change, with regular and fantasy colour options]
[Pink Fuel] Sora – No Eyebrows (special Futurewave edition)
Zibska, Edera ~ Circlet (November 2013 Fantasy Gacha Carnival; thank you Zib!)
Pink Acid, Leather Mermaid Scale Leggings – White (oldie)
PFC~Pegasus Shield 1.0 – Classic
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
pose one: Hopscotch, Harlequin Umbrella pack
pose two: Nantra, Requiem (at Futurewave)

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