The future isn’t forever

fall This is not space travel. This is what happens when your friend forgets to put you on her access list. (And you brought your pudding gun and everything.) There’s a lot to want in this pic and very little time to get it because Futurewave ends at midnight SLT today, February 23rd. The helmet from BFI has a ton of visor options—half of them completely opaque and far more butch than the lady-coloured one Portia wears. The Tinker Tailor boots from Miamai are available in sober shades of black, green and grey, among others. These are truly high-fashion battle boots because the slim ankle makes them perfect for skirts. Last but not least, Pleisure mainstay Zib Scaggs for Zibska gives us pudding without the gun in her Dagmar dress and collar. There is an all-silver version of the dress as well as one in burnt-acid green and cobalt blue. DRD’s Cyber Cables bring the sparks.

rook This is not a lab for cellular regeneration. This is where bloggers go to regret their Windlight choices. Portia wears the super-cute pants and blouse from DRBC’s Nomi jumpsuit in Fire and Noir, respectively. Underneath, she’s snug as a bug in the red version of the Halcyon spacesuit from Gallactic. A Gallactic collar and Rigellia Earpiece from CPD round out the look.

Credits to creators
A world of thanks to the Futurewave creators. Unless otherwise noted, everything here is from Futurewave.
Look 1
Zibska, Dagmar ~ Atchung dress and collar
=BFI// Viper Helmet – Female Fit V1.2
DRD, Cyber Cables with electricity
Miamai,_Tinker Taylor boots -Ceremony smb – female S
=BFI// Armored Undersuit – DARK (also a light version)
Tee*fy, Pudding Gun (old Arcade gacha)
-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03 (not at Futurewave)
pose: Rook, Aim and Fire pack

Look 2
::drbc:: nomi pants s – fire
::drbc:: nomi top s – noir
GALLACTIC . Halcyon . Red bodysuit (Lolas and Slink and Phat Azz appliers included in pack)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (not at Futurewave)
GALLACTIC . Eclipse collar . Grey
:*:CPD:*: Rigellia Starfield Earpiece
booN, cornrows hairbase purple (not at Futurewave)
booN, KGI848 hair purple (not at Futurewave)
Miamai_Tinker Taylor boots -Ceremony smb – female S
-Glam Affair – Mokatana – America – Star (not at Futurewave)
prop: Rook, Recovery Unit


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