Gimme some skin

Aruyeh's face Aikea Rieko of The Plastik will be at Skin Fair tomorrow with a line of skins in delectable tones. I chose Aruyeh, one of the medium tones, and Gyatala, the second darkest, and my fave, for today’s post. There will also be a few rainbows’ worth of Fauxe eye makeups, which Anorak sports here, and a passel of Slink nail polishes. If you are avatar enough to brave the bare flesh under the cut, you’ll see that these skins are for Lolas lovers.
Gyatala These breasts are so luscious that I was a little worried yesterday while working on this pic that I would attract the wrong kind of attention. Who knew what kind of controversy snow-stranded passengers might brew when sitting for hours in a vraiment blah Ottawa airport? (Which, given the turbulence on my flight, is aptly coded YOW.) Each skintone comes with three intensity options. The pack includes a sensible number of makeup tattoos and a lot of brow options, which I enjoyed playing with. They can take your av from classy to smexy and back again. I particularly like the colorful eye makeups and Ms. Rieko’s signature freckles–a dusting of white powder.allthoseappliers

If you like appliers, these packs have you covered. The nail polishes sold separately are on the glitzy-yet-mysterious side. I used the Fleshe nails for the second pic. Fleshe offers shades of coppery yellowy beigey orangey colors, and pearl white, with rusty marbling.


This belly was made for touching.

Find The Plastik at Skin Fair. For the love of goddess, take off all your scripted shit before you TP in. Limits are going to be enforced.
1st and 4th pics
:[Plastik]:- Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Aruyeh and, in the same pack, Makeups- Freckle Face.-Light and Makeups-Darker Lips (at Skin Fair, opening tomorrow; ty Aikea Rieko!)
:[Plastik]:-Fauxe Makeup:// Victorian Ember (at Skin Fair, opening tomorrow; ty Aikea Rieko!)
:[Plastik]:-Haunt Collection-Sickness eyes
!APHORISM! Hooded Bodysuit Black S (gacha)
.random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum – Bronze
:[Plastik]:- Callyn Boot- Coag
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Choker-Liara:// Eastern Sunrise (special edition)
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Cord-Liara in Long, Med and Short versions // Eastern Sunrise (special edition)
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Earrings-Liara [Short]:// Eastern Sunrise (special edition)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuff Matte Ebony (not available)
second pose: tea.s, come again

2nd pic
[Plastik]:- Astrali Skin[Cover-up]:// Gyatala and Astrali Face[One-Shadow]:// Gyatala and, in the same pack, Astrali Face[Gloss]:// Gyatala and Astrali oneshadow (at Skin Fair tomorrow; ty Aikea!)
[Plastik]: Slink nails in Fleshe (at Skin Fair tomorrow; ty Aikea!)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
!devious Mind, Harpyia – ROSE (gacha)
.Enfant Terrible. candle light dinner vintage (gacha)
N D, J I L L Hair Dark – By Naomie Dirval
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
pose Glitterati, Boobtacular pack


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